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  • Mexico
  • Mexico's Digital Health market is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years.
  • According to projections, the revenue in this market is set to reach €2,236.00m in 2024.
  • This represents a considerable increase compared to the current market size.
  • Furthermore, it is anticipated that the market will continue to expand at an annual growth rate of 9.10% from 2024 to 2029, resulting in a projected market volume of €3,456.00m by the end of that period.
  • When it comes to the average revenue per user (ARPU), it is estimated to be approximately €63.32 in Mexico.
  • This metric reflects the average amount of revenue generated from each user in the Digital Health market.
  • In a global context, United States is expected to generate the highest revenue in the Digital Health market, reaching a staggering €43,690.00m in 2024.
  • This highlights United States's dominance in this sector and its significant contribution to the overall market.
  • Among the different segments within the Digital Health market, Digital Treatment & Care is projected to be the largest market in Mexico.
  • In 2024, it is forecasted to generate a total revenue value of €1,167.00m.
  • This particular marketfocuses on digital solutions related to fitness and overall well-being, catering to the growing demand for health-conscious individuals.
  • Overall, these statistics illustrate the promising potential of Mexico's Digital Health market, which is expected to experience substantial growth and contribute to the broader global landscape in the coming years.
  • The implementation of telemedicine in Mexico has significantly increased access to healthcare services, especially in rural areas.

Key regions: United States, China, Japan, Asia, Europe

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Analyst Opinion

The Digital Health market in Mexico is experiencing rapid growth and development, driven by various factors influencing consumer behavior and market dynamics.

Customer preferences:
Mexican consumers are increasingly seeking convenient and accessible healthcare solutions, leading to a growing demand for digital health services. With busy lifestyles and limited access to traditional healthcare facilities in some regions, individuals are turning to online doctor consultations and digital fitness platforms for quick and efficient healthcare support.

Trends in the market:
One prominent trend in the Mexican Digital Health market is the rise of digital treatment and care services. Patients are embracing telemedicine platforms that offer remote monitoring, virtual consultations, and personalized treatment plans. This trend is reshaping the healthcare landscape by providing more efficient and cost-effective solutions for both patients and healthcare providers. Another trend is the increasing popularity of digital fitness and well-being apps among Mexican consumers. These platforms offer personalized workout plans, nutrition tracking, and mental health support, catering to individuals looking to improve their overall well-being from the comfort of their homes.

Local special circumstances:
Mexico's diverse population and vast geography present unique challenges and opportunities for the Digital Health market. Urban areas with higher internet penetration rates are driving the adoption of digital health services, while rural communities may face barriers such as limited internet connectivity and access to smartphones. Companies operating in this market need to tailor their services to cater to the specific needs and preferences of different population segments.

Underlying macroeconomic factors:
The growing middle class in Mexico, coupled with increasing smartphone penetration and internet connectivity, is fueling the expansion of the Digital Health market. Additionally, government initiatives to promote telemedicine and digital healthcare solutions are creating a favorable regulatory environment for market growth. These macroeconomic factors are contributing to the overall development and innovation within the Digital Health sector in Mexico.


Data coverage:

The data encompasses B2C enterprises. Figures are based on revenues and user data of relevant mobile applications and consumer electronics companies.

Modeling approach / Market size:

Market sizes are determined through a combined top-down and bottom-up approach, building on a specific rationale for each market segment. As a basis for evaluating markets, we use annual financial reports of key players, industry reports, third-party reports, and survey results from primary research (e.g., the Statista Global Consumer Survey). In addition, we use relevant key market indicators and data from country-specific associations, such as GDP, population, internet penetration, smartphone penetration, consumer spending, and healthcare spending. This data helps us estimate the market size for each country individually.


In our forecasts, we apply diverse forecasting techniques. The selection of forecasting techniques is based on the behavior of the relevant market. For example, the S-curve function and exponential trend smoothing are well suited for forecasting digital products and services due to the non-linear growth of technology adoption.

Additional notes:

The market is updated twice a year in case market dynamics change. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war is considered at a country-specific level.

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