Global Consumer Survey

Understand what drives consumers

Draw insights on consumers from industries and markets worldwide. Covering the offline and online world, the Statista Global Consumer Survey offers a global perspective on consumption and media usage.




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Actionable insights

Industries & Topics

Deep dive into markets

Discover more than 50 industries and topics from the online and offline world. From eCommerce to nutrition and smart home to travel, plus many more - collect a wealth of insights from the markets that are most important to you, with the Statista Global Consumer Survey.

United States

38,140 respondents

United Kingdom

12,388 respondents

China (Mainland)

21,538 respondents

Countries & Territories

Understand the world

Compare global and regional trends in consumer behavior worldwide: The Global Consumer Survey is conducted in 56 countries and territories with up to 40,000 respondents per country and update.

Understand what drives consumers

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Track brands and trends

Find out which brands are market leaders and track changes over time. The Global Consumer Survey covers more than 11,500 brands in the online and offline world with data updates twice a year.

Content Specials

Access additional surveys on trending topics

In addition to the general study, the Global Consumer Survey offers exclusive survey data on the most relevant industries and trending topics. The Content Specials allow you to further explore and analyze industry-specific insights from the major markets around the world.

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Individualized Analysis

With the DIY analysis tool, you can easily conduct your own analyses online in just a few clicks.

Customized target groups

Combine any number of dimensions, such as demographic characteristics, values and attitudes, as well as consumption and media usage, to precisely define your target groups.

Country and trend comparisons

Switch between different time frames and countries to create country and trend comparisons in more than 50 industries.

Representative and transparent data

The Global Consumer Survey constitutes a representative survey of internet users worldwide. Continuous data updates allow tracking over time.

Easy export of your results

Directly export your analyses' results for further use in Excel (CSV) and Powerpoint (PPTX).

Additional in-depth surveys

Access a constantly growing selection of exclusive Content Specials on the most relevant industries and trend topics.

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The Global Consumer Survey is conducted as an interactive online survey. Respondents in each country are sampled according to representative quotas for age, gender, and region.

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The standardized questionnaire is prepared according to scientific standards and is translated and localized for every single country.

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