Digital Economy Compass 2018

200+ slides about the most relevant topics and trends in the Digital Economy

Digital Economy Compass 2018 Statista has compiled the most relevant and recent data on the entire digital economy – a comprehensive overview of one of the hottest topics of our time. Since accurate data is a critical factor to decision-making processes in business, we have gathered a set of stunning facts, which are meant to inform and also to entertain.

What's included?

In the first part, we cover global trends, such as:
  • Is voice control going to replace smartphones and touch-controlled devices?
  • How do digital giants like Google, Amazon or Tencent actually make money?
  • What role does social media play?
  • How can vertical platforms form new markets?

The second part covers all relevant digital markets, their sizes, and business models:
  • Key essentials from our research
  • Statista’s exclusive forecasts
  • Regional developments with the focus on United States, China and Europe
  • Trends and market analysis

Statista's Digital Market Outlook provides the most comprehensive data set in terms of market sizes, revenue development and relevant companies. Furthermore, we look into the future of the industry providing the latest trends and tangible revenue forecasts.

In the Statista Digital Market Outlook Segment Reports our analysts compile an overview of the segment and trends, market sizes, regional development, and key players.

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Los diseños de Statista, además de atractivos, son informativos y precisos. Confiamos en ellos para ilustrar las noticias de cada día sobre tecnología y negocios.

Matt Silverman Acerca de Statista director editorial de Mashable.

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