02.03.2015 Statista and Computer Bild honor the Top 400 Travel-Websites


Statista and Computer Bild honor the Top 400 Travel-Websites


Hamburg 02.03.2015 – Bookings in classic travel agencies are declining. However, the trend of people researching and booking holidays over the internet is increasing. In 2014 alone, 22.8 million people booked their holidays over the internet - enough for Statista and Computer Bild to keep a close eye on the trend.


In a comprehensive test, Statista and Computer Bild identified the best providers in the following categories: general, transport, accommodation and car rental. In a long list of the most relevant 9,500 websites, the 800 with the highest booking rates were chosen for detailed evaluation.


The structure and usability subcategories were evaluated – trust & security and service & communication were also tested in terms of technical details. All in all, 1,280 people were surveyed about the websites through an online panel.


Statista also carried out a detailed analysis of the main features including the following: Just how quickly can you find the terms and conditions? Is there a search bar on the cover page? Which payment options are offered? How fast will you get a response to your email? For those particular criterions, scores were assigned. Then the top 400 travel-websites were named and honored with a seal.


Many large and established sites like Weg.de , Sixt.de or Emirates.com qualified for the seal, but smaller tour operators like Strandhotel Seerose, Ulrichshof.com or Upstalsboom.de proved convincing due to their user-friendly websites. Surprisingly, some bigger travel websites were excluded from the test were due to an obscure website structure or because they passed on the terms and conditions.