European Football Benchmark

The Statista European Football Benchmark – the first football survey that compares the 5 big European leagues¹. Get a holistic perspective on clubs, sponsors and fans of the most important European football leagues.

Explore how to reach, activate and monetize fans.

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On 51 pages:

  • Benchmark

  • Clubs

  • Sponsors

  • Fans

  • DIY-Analyses

Knowing the Fans
Reaching out to the Fans
Activating the Fans
Monetizing the Fans
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Knowing the Fans

The European Football Benchmark features data on interested persons, supporters and fans of all clubs in the first divisions in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Reach of Clubs – regional, national and international
  • Interest in clubs of the first divisions
  • Interest in clubs of other big European leagues
Attitude Towards National Clubs
  • Fandom for clubs of the first national division
  • Attitudes towards clubs of the first national division
Favorite Club
  • Favorite club in the first national division
  • Previous favorite club
  • Favorite football club worldwide
Club Images
  • Image of first division clubs
  • Brand power of first division clubs
Fan Profiles
  • Interest in other sports
  • Practiced sports
  • Membership in sports clubs
  • Important life aspects
  • Political position (left, right)
  • Political party (voting intention)
  • Demographics
Interest in Football
  • UEFA Europa League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • National team
  • Current topics, e.g. transfer fees, investors, VAR, corruption, violence, etc.
Extensive results for the clubs:

Reaching out to the Fans

Analysis of information behavior and media use of fans.

Information Behavior
  • Information channels
  • Apps and websites
  • Frequency of information
Media Brands & Advertising Touchpoints
  • Media brands
  • Touchpoints
Viewing Behavior
  • Channels
  • Frequency, locations, company
  • Live football or summaries
  • Conferences or full-length games
  • Exclusively matches of favorite club
  • Football shows watched
  • Favorite football show
Media Brands:
...y muchos más

Activating the Fans

The European Football Benchmark provides insights into the involvement of fans of all first division league clubs in England and Germany.

Social Media
  • Social media usage
  • Social media activities (football)
Quality of Experience
  • Appeals of football
Stadium Visits
  • Frequency
  • Home matches
  • Away matches
  • Season tickets
Active Fans
  • Membership in fan clubs
  • Active club work

Monetizing the Fans

In-depth data on sponsors, merchandise and ticketing.

Advertising Perception
  • Awareness of sponsoring
  • Awareness of ads by football sponsors
Sponsors and Brands
  • Brand awareness of main kit sponsors
  • Familiarity with main kit sponsors
  • Sportswear brands
  • Preferred sportswear brand
Sponsor Images
  • Images of main kit sponsors
  • Preferences for main kit sponsors
Sponsor-Club Fit
  • Fit between club and main kit sponsor
Kits and Merchandise
  • Merchandise
  • Kits
  • New kit every season
  • Spending on merchandise
  • Purchase channels for tickets
Main Kit Sponsors:
...y muchos más

Customized Target Groups

Users can use a set of dimensions including demographics, attitudes towards clubs, media usage, life values and typologies to create custom target groups for analyses.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Income
  • Profession
  • Marital status
  • Children in household
Attitudes Towards Clubs
  • Interested persons
  • Fans
  • Supporters
  • Neutrals
  • Not-Likers
  • Haters
  • Social media activities
  • Pay TV customers
  • Media brands
  • Football shows
Life Values / Political Views
  • Important life aspects
  • Typology
  • Political position
  • Political party preference

Do-it-yourself Analyses

The European Football Benchmark is accessible via an interactive online evaluation tool: Users can carry out their own evaluation, select their own criteria to create cross tables and customize target groups.

  • DIY online analyses
  • Cross-tabulation
  • Filtering and selection of specific target audiences
  • Export in CSV format
Access to the European Football Benchmark

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The European Football Benchmark was conducted as an interactive online survey.

  • 3,030 German football fans, June 18 to 29, 2018
  • 3,167 English football fans, June 22 to 30, 2018

The target population are people with an interest in football, aged 18 years and older.

Subsamples for image questions on clubs and sponsors are partly randomized. Each respondent answered image questions about up to five clubs and up to 3 sponsors they knew: 1 favorite club (if applicable, otherwise random club), 2 clubs they were interested in and 2 clubs they were not interested in. The allocation of sponsors the respondent was asked about is based on that selection.

Cint is the exclusive sample provider for the European Football Benchmark. Essential to the Cint platform are the quality standards and controls built into its research-quality-focused processes. All of Cint’s systems and procedures comply with the requirements set forth in Cint’s certification to ISO 20252, which defines the requirements in a Quality Management System for organizations conducting market, opinion and social research.

Questionnaire of the European Football Benchmark

The standardized questionnaire was prepared according to scientific standards.

Quality checks along the research path

Statista applied a consistent quality management to every step of the research process:

Panel quality

Quality management mechanisms by Cint, including quarantine times for respondents, continuous quality checks across different surveys, exclusion after repetitive bad survey behavior, etc.

Statista quality checks

Measures to ensure data quality included checks for speeders, straight liners and non-response, logic and repetition tests, open questions for bot-identification, etc.
Our work complies with the guidelines set by BVM/ADM (Germany) and ESOMAR.

Who can access the European Football Benchmark?

The European Football Benchmark can be activated for all Statista clients who have an Enterprise Account. Please log in to the platform as usual and then choose the “login” option for the European Football Benchmark. You will be forwarded directly to the data. Not an Enterprise client yet? Please contact our Customer Service for personal advice.

Can the data be downloaded?

You can easily download all your individual analyses as CSV files and start processing them right away. You will find the download button on the upper right corner of the table.

Will the European Football Benchmark cover more countries in the future?

We are planning on extending the European Football Benchmark to Italy, Spain, and France in addition to Germany and England.

Data & methodology
Which sources is the European Football Benchmark based on?

The data of the European Football Benchmark come from a multinational online survey, which was exclusively carried out by Statista.

Who was interviewed in the European Football Benchmark?

The European Football Benchmark contains data on more than 6,000 European respondents. The conditions for participation were internet access and a registration for online survey participation.

When were the data gathered?

The data were gathered in June 2018. Please find the exact survey periods for the individual countries in the report.

Technical questions & customer support
Can the data for different countries be directly compared?

It is always guaranteed that the data for individual countries are methodologically comparable. For direct comparisons of individual indicators in international context, please use the download function in the table you have generated. For an even quicker and easier use, we are going to directly combine the data on different countries in the future.

Who can I address if I have further questions on the content of the European Football Benchmark?

For all support requests that refer to the provided data, please contact our Customer Service. Your inquiry will be directly forwarded to the responsible analysts and experts on our team, who will be able to provide you with comprehensive information concerning your request.

Who can I address if I have technical problems with the European Football Benchmark?

If you have problems logging in to the European Football Benchmark, please make sure that you are using your Enterprise Account. Only then will you have limitless access to all our exclusive data. For all other technical support requests, please contact our Customer Service. Your inquiry will be directly forwarded to the responsible IT experts, who will solve any technical issues as quickly as possible.

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